Sowing/Sembrando Huipil/Tunic

$ 350.00

The Sowing/Sembrando tunic is a "huipil", a clean, simple and practical cut garment worn by Indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica (northern Central America). The use of silk, mixed silk, cotton and mixed wool in Sowing, allows it to wrap and flow on the body like ancestral Maya-working garments did. El Salvadorean women hand-sew and patch the garment to give it unique dimension and colour. 

This piece is custom made to order. Fabrics and colours vary depending on availability, usually in consultation with customer. It takes around 3 weeks to craft in its own special fabric bag, plus delivery time. Thank you in advance for your patience, we promise it is well worth it! 

Sowing is part of the New Maya Language crafted preview collection, which features certain New Maya Language "pictoglyphs" allowing you to wear a story: the mythological language and history of the Maya as interpreted by Larios.

The concept behind the line is planting and harvesting seeds, building a home with your own hands, and nourishing yourself and your family through eating beans on self-made ceramic vessels.