New Maya Language Book

$ 250.00

New Maya Language – This 115-page, 100% hand-bound collectors piece is printed on Fabriano Rusticus 160 gsm, and translated in four languages: English, Spanish, Classic Maya, and visually.  With a foreword by epigrapher Alexandre Tokovinine, PhD  it beautifully compiles and decodes the New Maya (Visual) Language project and movement.  The first chapter explains the basic principles of the ancestral Maya hieroglyphic script.  The second chapter's large illustrations provide, pictoglyph by pictoglpyh, the "code” to how the New Maya (Visual) Language system was regenerated by Larios in collaboration and while living at Hacienda San Lucas in the valley of Copán Ruins, Honduras, with Maya-ch’orti’ relatives. And finally, the third chapter explores various case studies of living community collaborations.

The Community Buried by an Erupting Volcano children's book uses Pictoglyphs in its narrative explained in the New Maya Language title.