2nd edition: The Village Buried by Erupting Volcano Children's Book

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2nd EDITION: The Village that Buried by an Erupting Volcano

The Village Buried by an Erupting Volcano is the trilingual story of an indigenous maya community which was buried and preserved for 1400 years. The story is inspired by the Joya de Cerén archeological site, declared a World Heritage by UNESCO, and in Larios’ sons: Yax (the Green Child), and his brother K’al, who eats “tamales.” The book, written and illustrated by Larios, opens with a foreword by archaeologist Payson Sheets, PhD, principal researcher of the site.

"Thank you to Ricardo S. Vaquerano, the editor of this the Village Buried by an Erupting Volcano second edition; to Andreas Pohancenik of WirSindAttraktiv, for his collaboration in the book design's conception; and a very special thank you to DIANA, for their invaluable and consistent partnership in this publication for the children of El Salvador and Central America.

Dedicated to my father, Joaquín Francisco Larios, MSc."

This second edition was published for all Mesoamerican boys and girls on November, 2017.

This is a trilingual title: English, Spanish and New Maya (Visual) Language "pictoglyphs". With a full-color cut, paste and create your own "pictoglyph" activity, inside. 

Frida Larios (El Salvador) has immersed in the education of children, youth and designers since 2000. Larios’ intention in her research, practice and graphic-cultural activism, is to design a bridge between ancestral mytho-graphies and their contemporary regeneration. Larios is Indigenous Advisory Chair for the International Indigenous Design Network (INDIGO) and Adjunct Professor at the University of the District of Columbia.