Sowing [Planting Seeds/Sembrando] Screen-print

$ 140.00

Sowing (Seeds) is part of the New Maya (Visual) Language artworks catalogue on GUARRO water-colour paper. The catalogue is inspired by two UNESCO World Heritage Maya archaeological sites in Central America: Joya de Cerén in El Salvador (where Larios is from), which was preserved by the ash of a volcanic eruption; and the organical and artistic Copán site and community in western Honduras.  When you buy a Sowing screen-print part of the proceeds go back to Hacienda San Lucas community in the mountains of Copán, Honduras, with whom Larios and her family used to live and work. Larios now temporarily works there every summer.

The New Maya [Visual] Language is a unique interpretation of 2000-year old Maya logo-glyphs.  The Maya peoples created one of the most intelligent scripts standardised throughout Mesoamerica between a.C. 300 and 900 a.D.  Selected hieroglyphs have been regenerated to form new ones to be used by contemporary indigenous [and non-indigenous] communities in the US and Central America. For example, ‘Stone’ + ‘Fire’ combined equal the ‘Lavastone’ New Maya Language pictogram. 

Signed screen-print in edition of 100. crafted at ArtePapel S.A. workshop in Guatemala, with authenticity certificate.

Size 50x70cm [20x28in]. 6-colours, printed on GUARRO 240gsm stock.