La Niña Verde de la Madre Tierra por Sangre Indígena y Frida Larios

$ 42.00

"Que todos se levanten, que nadie se quede atrás de los demás”  - Pop Wuj, Sacred Book of the Maya.

A 20 limited edition of this collaborative piece by José Flores [@sangre_indigena_art] and Frida Larios [@fridalarios]; on archival paper; size 12 x 18 inches; signed and numbered; with 100% of the profit going to the International Maya League in Washington, DC. 

The Green Child of Mother Earth carries Turkey's feathers as head piece. She is nesting the Earth in her hands and her ancestors at her feet, who behold her root. Her huipil is traditionally embroidered with Mam, Chuj and Q'eqchi motives, as well as with Harvesting Hands Pictoglyphs.


The work of the Maya League is guided by the knowledge and teachings of our elders and ancestors to respect and care for mother earth and Mother Nature.  Their work and priorities are guided by the vision and practices of our spiritual and traditional leaders, elders and authorities in order to address the root causes contributing to discrimination, inequality and oppression of the Maya and the destruction of our communities and environment. With the devastating losses  of life and Injustices happening to our people at the southern border there is no better time to help and support each other.  

"Que todos se levanten, que nadie se quede atrás de los demás”

- Pop Wuj, Libros sagrado de los mayas.